LM is back?

May 16, 2012
Ok, so while looking through some of the older posts, I found a link to LM's page. On the home page, it says...

"Success By: LM

Ah ha, remembered my password.

Yes, it's true, I forgot it and couldn't get back in. That's not the reason I was gone, full explanation of that is on the blog."

If thats the case, then maybe he is working on Mystic Girl again. Who knows what new titles we might see.

Also, I don't know much about LM or his disappearance, so, if this is old news, or if it turns out I'm wrong, then please don't flame me.
Jan 16, 2010
Re: LM is back?

Even though I knew deep down what I was gonna find in this thread, I still had a smidge of irrational hope. Squashed as expected. Sigh.. :eek:
Oct 6, 2009
Re: LM is back?

Here's a funny thought though.

If there was a forum dedicated to me out there and I was on the downlow, I'd still look at it once in a while. I bet you anything Line's had an account here that is an alias and has just peeked in once in a while.


A bug
Apr 8, 2009
Re: LM is back?

Here's a scary though: the Eluku we see popping in here from time to time is really Linemarvel.